Wanderlust Gift Guide 2018

Don’t ask me where the year has gone, because I actually can’t believe that December is already here! So it’s time to get to the stores, or if you’re anything like me online (no lines or agro people!) and get your shopping list done & dusted. Maybe you have a sibling who is never around for long enough to celebrate the holidays who is coming home. Or maybe your best friend is headed off on the adventure of a lifetime. Maybe your cousin is moving abroad for work. Or maybe your parents or going on that cruise of a lifetime. Whatever the case may be we all have at least one traveller in our lives, so what do you get the person who lives out of a backpack with no fixed address? Take a look at this 10 gift suggestions for that wanderluster on your list this year.

CabinZero Backpack

Because what traveller doesn’t love new luggage? The saga in searching for that perfect bag can sometimes seem endless, but look no further. Cabin Sized - check (even pesky Ryanair & EasyJet). 10 Year warranty - check. Built in tracking system - check! Is there anything else they would need? Awesome stand out colours tip the CabinZero line of bags over the edge to be that perfect go to travel bag for anyone who might need to replace that bag thats been around the world a few dozen times. Multiple sizes from day to day to weekend & long haul there’s something for everyone. To find out more about this bag and all it's specs check out my blog review here.

WanderWet Bag

Do you have a mermaid on your list? Someone who is constantly shaking the sand out of their bags? Well look no further than this perfect addition any beach lover in your life. Coming in 3 sizes (pictured below is a large), your sea loving señorita can use this as a toiletries bag, a cute clutch, or the original use- for her teeny weeny polka dot bikinis. Waterproof lined interior, made of breathable fabric to prevent any not so lovely mildew from happening, machine washable & eco friendly these bags come in dozens of patterns and colours that will put you in the good graces of that water baby you’re shopping for. And if you have a merman in your life then you're in luck they have patterns for that man in your life too!

DryFox Towel

“The only compact travel with a water resistant pocket to store your valuables while you’re out making memories” (DryFox Website) If that hasn’t sold you, then I’ll keep trying. The creator, Samantha was on a quest to find the perfect towel for travellers that would not only store nicely (and not take up so much space) but be that perfect comfort after a cold dip in the sea or a welcome warmth after a shower. And by George she’s done it! I have one of these towels myself and even though it was gifted to me my honest opinion of it is -it’s fab! Really & truly I have taken it on all my travels this year and it’s the perfect size (to cover all your bits) and the pocket is great too. So if that wanderer in your life is headed off to a beach location in the new year, or that pesky “what do I get them” cousin is desperate for a new towel for their travels look no further! Also with their double sided patterns it's like getting 2 towels in one!

Joby GorillaPod

Solo travel is liberating and exciting. But can also be frustrating; like when you cant put sunscreen on your own back or when you end up with 1 million selfies because maybe you’re too shy to ask someone or there's never anyone around when you need that little bit of help to snap the perfect photo. If that sounds like someone you know this is the perfect gift! From small point and shoot cameras all the way to the mega DSLR users there is a tripod by Joby for everyone. Flexible and light for travel these are really and truly a must have for any photo loving person who may want to up their game from having photos of mostly their foreheads to being able to capture themselves right there in that magical moment.

Camera Lens

Following along with the camera theme this is a bit more of a high end and specific but something I know I would be floored to receive as a gift myself. A camera lens can truly change the way that the photographer in your life see’s their image come to life. From portrait specific lenses (think 30 or 50 mm lenses), wide angle to fit everything in that one shot (10-30 mm) or maybe a super zoom lens is necessary for them (18-200 mm). Mt personal recommendation would be the Tamron 18-200 mm lens, it has seriously changed my photography game! There are so many choices out there, and it’s worth having a look at second hand lenses so you don’t break the bank. I'd suggest taking a look at this site if you're based in the UK, click here.

Travel Guides

Lonely Planet, Fodor, DK travel, Marco Polo Guide. The list of guide books out there is endless, and the list of locations even longer. From Argentina to Zagreb, Japan to Jordan You’ll be able to gift that special someone in your life an endless supply of knowledge with that perfect guide book for their trip. But what if they are packing light and you know they can’t take a massive book with them? Well never fear, most guidebooks can also be purchased online as downloadable PDF copies for Kindle, Kobo and iPad now so that will solve the problem! If you have a loved on in the UK then it might be worth picking up a copy of the Extra Mile Guide for them for their next roadtrip! A guide that will take them across the country giving them the best pit stops along the way that's more than just a sketchy gas station

Cable Keeper

Where are my headphones? Oh man I can’t find my phone charger. Crap where’s my USB stick? Does this remind you of anyone? If it does, then I think I might have the perfect solution for them (I’ll share. the secret with you though). Cable Keepers! A thing of beauty and something traveler mat not know they need. This 2 in 1 option is great, a large size for all the cables, battery chargers and adapters, and a smaller one for those items you want to keep closer (think phone, Ipod, headphones). Tell them to say goodbye to tangled headphones and a mess of mismatched cables with this new addition to their travel kit, and even better they store up small enough to take everywhere!

Custom Jewelry

This is something I’ve both given as a gift and bought as a gift to myself. Is there a special quote this traveller lives by. A little word you want them to remember while their on the road. Or maybe just a little something that will always remind them of you or home. Etsy is the perfect place to find any of these things. A bracelet with the coordinates of their hometown, a necklace with ‘Wanderlust’ engraved into it. Whatever style of jewelry you’re looking for its’ definitely worth checking out the seller FierceDeer, who I have gone to several time for custom pieces for the traveler in my life.

Reusable Cups/Cutlery Hands up for everyone who loves the planet? Hopefully that’s everyone, so what are you going to do to help save it from all the bad juju going on? Reuse & Recycle! Portable cutlery and cups aren’t just for camping or car rides, every traveler could use a water bottle right? To keep them from buying plastic bottles (in countries where you can drink the tap water obviously), metal straws so they can say a big N-O to plastic ones when on a full moon party in Thailand, or their own set of cutlery for when they’re snacking on the go! Just a few brands to look into Super Sparrow insulated water bottles, EcoTribe Metal Straws, Bambaw Cutlery set Keep cup&, for all the caffeine they’ll need to keep them going through their travels! (click on the words above to find links to buy, which are not affiliates btw)


Have you got someone on that never-ending list of yours who won’t be home for the holidays? Maybe they’re volunteering in Africa, backpacking through Asia, or trading snowy winters for Australian beaches. But basically they’ll be hard to reach and maybe have no mailing address, so why not get them a subscription to something? Are they missing their favourite shows while on the road? A Netflix or Hulu subscription will fix that! Have a music lover living abroad, Spotify subscription will do them just fine. An aspiring Nat Geo photographer to please this year? Buy them a subscription to Lightroom to help them perfect their shots.

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