Wanderlust Gift Guide

Christmas shopping can be daunting even for the most organized "Oh I started my shopping in October" kind of person. With more and more people travelling every year why not make it all easier on yourself by checking out these top 25 gift recommendations for travellers by just that - travellers. The top 8 are my favourites, and a few on my wish list but over a dozen bloggers, long term travellers, weekend warriors, couples, solo folk & so many more contributors are here to you find that perfect present for the Worldliest of recipients this year. Click on the images or the gift types to find out where to buy them this year!

1. CabinZero Backpack Because what traveller doesn’t love new luggage? The quest for that perfect bag can sometimes seem endless, but look no further. Cabin Sized - check. 10 Year warranty - check. Built in tracking system - check! Is there anything else they would need? Awesome stand out colours tip the CabinZero line over the edge to be that perfect go to travel bag for anyone in need of a new travel bag.

2. Custom Jewelry from FierceDeer This is a gift I’ve given, and also one I’ve received (from myself, but it still counts). Maybe there is a special message you want your amazing adventuress to have with her all the time during her next trip. Or maybe there is a quote that speaks to her and her passion for exploration. Whatever it is, you can customize these pieces to make it extra special to open on Christmas morning no matter where in the world she is.

3. WanderWet Bag Do you have a mermaid on your list? Someone who is constantly shaking the sand out of their bags? The perfect partner in crime for any beach lover is this awesome bag. Coming in 3 sizes (pictured below is a large), your sea loving señorita can use this as a toiletries bag, a cute clutch, or the original use- for her teeny weeny polka dot bikinis. Lined to keep the wet in, this is a must for that one on your list who prefers the sea to the cement. Fun prints that will have them wanting to keep chasing those endless summers that make their souls soar, and a range of sizes for anything!

4. Travel Scarf

Whether I’m headed to a tropical destination or one with a more temperate climate, there is always at least one scarf in my pack. Coming in so handy as an extra pillow, something to cover your shoulders in the sun or a country that requires that- or as just another option to make those hardly washed leggings & t-shirt look a little more fashionable (ladies am I right?). This brand boasts scarves, that aren’t only functional & fashionable, but a must for the traveler in your life- to keep your valuables safe. With a pocket big enough to fit items you’d be devastated to lose - think Phone, Wallet, Passport, or even a flask! An item that is at the top of my Wishlist this year.

5. El Camino Bracelet

This is something that’s been on my list for a few months now. A unique option for the guy or girl on your list with a never ending list of ticked off countries from their bucket lists. Choose from 4 colours for the bracelet, and from there start selecting the countries that are most special to your special someone, or start from the beginning adding in “steps” as they journey around the world. Don’t forget to include their home town, so it’s always close no matter how far they might get.

6. Travel Books

Lonely Planet is a brand known World wide for their travel guides. From specialty guides on that remote village in the Philippines to the whole of the United States, they've got you covered. What people might not know is they also have a range of travel non-fiction, written by travel journalists with years in the business to travel bloggers who once started out just like me (or that travel lover in your life). Travel stories can inspire that person who is home trying to figure out where their next grand expedition will take them, or to keep your wanderlust strong while on the road. Whatever you choose, inspiration will follow!

7. Cable Keeper Any one who travels knows that keeping your electronics organized is important - god forbid you misplace that charger for your phone, tablet, camera etc. Best way to avoid that? A top notch electronics organizer to keep all your important bits together. This 2 in 1 option is great, a large size for all the cables, battery chargers and adapters, and a smaller one for those items you want to keep closer (think phone, ipod, headphones).

8. Packable Jacket

No matter where you end up there is a good chance there might be some rain. Even the most tropical spots in the world suffer from rain, it’s what makes them so lush right? Well, it’s better to be safe (and dry) than sorry (and soaked) so your best bet is to get a jacket that will travel well and not take up important space for other things (ie souvenirs for the person who bought this jacket for you!). Kathmandu is a New Zealand brand, and one I absolutely love (no this is not sponsored) and I bought this exact jacket for myself at the end of summer & have gotten so much use out of it on my Euro adventures this year! Weighing less than a filled up water bottle & packing down to the size of a Lonely Planet guide book (without the weight) it's perfect for all your travels!

9. Cork Globe - Eleanor Isdale You know your friend has been to a TON of places in the last few years and is always daydreaming of their next destination. As the list grows and grows, it can be hard to visualise what continent to focus on next or where to go for the next long weekend off. This cork globe is the perfect gift for the seasoned traveller to document where they’ve been and where they need to explore next.

10. Fat Boy Lounger

- The Wandering Quinn

I think this is a great gift for a person who loves travel. The lounger stays inflated, it’s comfy and perfect for a few people to relax on. Most importantly it folds away nice and small to pack in a bag or carry over their shoulder. Could you imagine your favourite traveller watching the sunset on one of these in a beautiful locations.

11. The Lifestraw

- StraightOnDetour

This water bottle is the perfect gift for travellers in 2nd or 3rd world countries, avid hikers and eco warriors. The Lifestraw allows your to fill up your bottle from a stream, pond or any water supply before filtering it as you drink. Its specially designed straw eradicates harmful bacteria, decreases the presence of chemicals and makes water taste more pure. With one of these you’ll never have to buy a bottle of water again and never have to carry 4L of water on your hikes if you know there is a water source along the way. Plus you’ll be helping to keep the planet free of plastic. On top of that you'll be supporting a company that distributes and sustains its life saving product across the globe, to communities that don’t have access to safe drinking water. Our little bottle has become our most valuable travel item for 2017, it rarely left our side as we hiked through Norway, Switzerland and Scotland.

12. Air BNB E-Gift Card

- PNW Adventuring Forget heavy shipping costs for your favourite traveller during the holidays! Electronic gift cards are always a lifesaver when you're in need of a last-minute gift or one for someone too far away for an in-person exchange. And with Airbnb, your favorite explorers will be able to stay at unique places in 191 countries around the world or book immersive experiences with locals. Send it with a card or an email. The perfect gift for the traveller.

13. Resistance Band

- Ensusiasm Staying fit on the road is one of the most difficult things to do especially when you are traveling in foreign countries with little control over the foods you consume. But it is possible to keep on top of an exercise routine and these would be the perfect gift for a traveler who loves fitness or someone who needs the extra motivation to get back into a routine. These resistance bands are extremely diverse and you can work your entire body with them! They are light and easy to fit into a suitcase, backpack or even carry-on. Make sure you snag these for the adventurer who loves to keep it moving.

14. Scratch Map

- Backpacking With The Bonds The Luckies of London Scratch Match is the perfect Christmas gift for the traveler in your life. The beautifully designed map is the best way to keep track of your travels and show your friends and family just how much of the world you have seen. Unlike other maps where you pin the places you have traveled to, the Luckies Scratch Map is designed to show just how much of the world you have covered. Not only can you keep track of all the countries you have traveled to, but also several of the highest and lowest points on earth. The map is the perfect size to hang at home or in the office, reminding you of where you’ve been and where you need to go!

15. (New take on a) World Map

- LivOnAShoestring

For that Wanderlust Warrior in your life. Every traveller knows the packing woes of trying to fit everything into one bag. Personally, I’m a sucker for a good knick knack, I pick stuff up along the way with dreams of having a kaleidoscope house (whenever I actually start saving for one, instead of spending money on flights ;) ). One thing that doesn’t take up much space is photos and the lasting memories they created. I LOVE this geometric map to add a little bit of worldlust into your living room. You can bring your memories to life with call out strings and photos from your favourite destinations, or just use it as a lifesize bucket list!

16. GoPro

- SevenDayWeekender

The perfectly portable gift for any travel lover, adventurer or aspiring photographer is a GoPro. Easy to transport both around town and on your travels it comes in two size variations – the Hero and the Session. The Hero is the larger camera (which will still fit into the palm of your hand) which features a viewing screen with touch display, and a removable battery,If you’re trying to decide between the Hero5 and the Hero6 I’m here to tell you there isn’t much of a difference. If money is no object go with the newer Hero6 (priced at $450) which will now allow you to zoom and take HDR photos, and for the techie people has a slightly wider range of FPS and FOV.

17. GoTravlr GoPro Case

- SevenDayWeekender And now that you’ve invested in a GoPro you’ve got to get a cute case to carry it around in! My suggestion would be to invest in the stylish GoTravler case. This vintage-inspired handmade leather case comes in both brown and black will fit your Hero 5 or Hero 6 (so if you bought the Session you’re unfortunately out of luck). A few cool features of this case include hand stitching to give it that authentic feel, top grain leather and you can also get this baby on Amazon!

18. Birch Box Subscription

- KelseySocial

I was recently given a 3-month subscription to BirchBox and what the perfect gift for a frequent flyer like me! Each month, they send five TSA-friendly products from much-loved brands like Living Proof, Benefit and Kiehls. I had always thought Birchbox was for makeup, but you can customize your preferences to only receive skincare or haircare products. The traveler on your list will love having a stash of quality products to toss in their carry-on before a trip. A box costs $10, can be customized for male or female, and is available in the U.S., U.K., France, and Spain.

19. Compact Day Pack

- The MVMT Blog

The NeatPack foldable travel daypack should be on everyone's holiday list. This water resistant, durable backpack folds up into a small pouch that you can simply clip to the outside of your larger backpack to save space inside. When you arrive at your destination, unfold it and you've got your daypack to explore with. We've brought our NeatPack backpacks with us to over 25 countries this year alone, and it still looks like new! Best of all, you can get yours for less than $20 USD, and you can save an additional 10% with our coupon code ‘MVM10OFF.’ (thanks for that extra holiday gift for us ladies)

20. Hoodie Mask Travel Pillow

- The MVMT Blog

This all-in-one soft, velvety hoodie mask travel pillow is an essential for long flights. The memory foam pillow is made from antimicrobial material to keep the germs at bay, and there is even a built in phone holder, so that you can fall asleep to music hands-free. We all know that travel can sometimes mean Lon bus, train, plane, boat rides & that could be the best place to catch a few z’s, so why not gift your sleep loving travel partner this all in one sleep aide for their long haul travel days.

21. Drone

- KittyCatUK

Drone photography has definitely taken off in the last few years and it's now a must have item for many bloggers and instagrammers. As well as amazing aerial shots, it's also the perfect piece of kit for solo travellers who want to get some good selfies. So as long as you do your research (certain countries have very strict Drone regulations) there is nothing keeping your aspiring Nat Geo traveller from capturing the incredible moments from way up high to share with you from the other side of the globe. My drone of choice would have to be the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced

22. The Splat

- Travel With Candi

As a solo-traveler, it’s often a real pain in the ass to get epic shots of myself. Awkward selfies, clunky selfie-sticks, asking fellow travellers for assistance, or even trying to perfectly balance a camera in random places just doesn’t work. Miggo’s Splat is a game changer! The Splat is able to latch on to almost anything and can be used with GoPros, DSLRs, camera flashes, and there is even an attachment for smartphones. It’s the ultimate gift for any traveler who wants to get “the shot”.

23. Vapur Foldable Water Bottle

- TwoEnRoute

Travel is our passion. The experiences gained from seeing other countries cultural customs, homes, food, and sites is already the gift we give one another every time we get off a plan, train, or automobile, so you can imagine how buying gifts can be difficult for each other. Being a budget traveller, we try to save money anywhere we can. What we have found has saved us more money than we can even count is having a reusable water bottle. Not just any reusable water bottle, the Vapur® 1-Litre Foldable Water Bottle. We love the functionality of it. Being able to get up to a litre of water from the tap as we explore a new city is wonderful and the best part is when we are empty, it can easily fold up and take up virtually no room in our packs. Not to mention, the price makes our budget-conscience wallets super happy and the reusability helps keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

24. Portable Battery Charger

- The Kiwi Couple

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer for the travel-mad person in your life, grab one of these portable battery chargers! It's not the most exciting gift, but it's super practical and will get a lot of use. Weighing less than most of the gear your travel lover will be carrying with them it’s the smart must take item on their next long haul flight or road trip and even perfect for those trips to remote places. Best of all - it's not too expensive!

25. GoPro Dome

- Alix Mahe

Ever since we took our GoPro for a swim in the turquoise waters of the Calanques in Southern France, a GoPro Dome has been on my wish list. You’ve no doubt come across those amazing shots on your Instagram feed where you see both what’s above and below the waterline. These shots are super tricky to get unless you have a dome housing for your GoPro. There are a few different versions online and prices range between $60-90 depending on which one you choose. As far as camera accessories go, it’s a reasonably priced gift for anyone looking to take their under water photos and videos to the next level.