If you had asked me 5 years ago if I missed my hometown of Montreal I probably would have laughed (first) before replying with some version of “No, why would I? I’m in ______ (fill in the blank with Australia, Alberta, New Zealand, Central America etc)”. But now? Now that I’ve been living outside of Mtl for the last 8 years I can say with all honesty that I appreciate my hometown now more than I ever have or ever thought I would. I love planning visits home to see my family & friends but also to see the city with new eyes and a new heart; one that truly loves the city. So while I live abroad (still not sure if I would live back in MTL again, my French is a bit rusty) I find anyway to get my fill of the 514, including scrolling Instagram and the #montreal to see my city. And while doing that I’ve come across some insanely talented photographers and figured it was time to share them with the World (aka you reading the blog!). Check out these 16 Instagramers showing off my home city of Montreal, Quebec!



If you want magical then Karl Gendron is your guy! Showing off Montreal through every season and letting his skills speak for themselves with every shot. With a little over a year under his belt on instagram he’s serious nailed the cities magic on the head with his feed and the overall mood of his shots have me dreaming of wandering through the city surrounded by all the twinkle it has to offer more often than not.

Fred @fred514

Themes are common these days on Instagram and Fred has a pretty great one. For ever 3 MTL shots he also seems to have 3 shots of the gorgeous west coast of Canada. Having called both places home for different times of my life I was instantly drawn to the variation and how he shows off such different landscapes. He does serious justice to the rockies and Montreal at night!



Funny little story about Jean & his account..I was on Facebook one night searching for MTL photos to use as my phone lock screen (sometimes I like to see home when my phone goes off okay) and low & behold I found this epic shot of Mont-Royal taken from above! The vibrant colours of his feed will have you day dreaming of multicoloured Montreal more than you imagined you ever would



With his Instagram bio reading “Adventure without risk is Disneyland” you can imagine that JF would go to some seriously edgy spots to capture his city. Shooting everything from incredible night scenes showing off the cities light to the interior of metro stations and anything that makes you think of Montreal he shows off that edge in each of his photos.



Having spent the past 8 months seeing Europe I’m reminded often of the street of Montreal & the architecture. Its the only city I’ve visited in Canada that has ever made me say “This is what I imagine Europe to be like”, and Vicky is showing that off in spades. Window-shopping my way through her feed of Montreals iconic houses & buildings is now one of my favourite past times.



Armed with his iPhone Ziad Mitri is taking on Montreal like a boss. Giving you a glimpse into the beauty outside of the downtown core but also sharing the vibrant houses and classic vibes through his photos. He’ll have you commenting #dreamhouse on pretty much every single one of his posts before you know it!



With 10 years photography & digital imaging experience under his belt Simon has developed some incredible skills and his eye for Montreal is incredible. Wether it’s architecture, iconic landmarks in the city or incredible night shots everything that graces his feed gives me chills & makes me dream of one day getting to that level with my photog skills.



His websites ‘About Me’ section reads “I have poutine, bagels and the Montreal Canadiens running through my blood” - this is basically the quintessential items that makes one a Montrealer. Add to that his incredible photos of our shared home city, there is no doubt about it; Eric loves Montreal and loves sharing her. Be careful his feed will turn you into a Montreal lover in no time. Find more gems from Eric here.



Alessandro, or should I see the King of detail? From night shots of the iconic city skyline, to making even the inside of Namur metro look absolutely stunning (seriously though!) there doesn’t seem to be anything he doesn’t make look magical with him behind the lens. Exploring the city using his photos to tell his story, its the perfect way to give you a glimpse into Montreal



Originally from Paris, France Loic is all about giving us the best urban, skyline & street shots from not only Montreal but his home town of Paris. While the two share similarities (besides language of course) he has a way of bringing the magic I felt when I visited Paris to me while looking at his shots of Montreal. Something I would say is vraitment magnifique.



With a last name like Brilliant it’s no wonder Vincent has some serious talent. Both graduates of the same Cegep, he has takien that and turned it into a well known photography business. The inside of the William Grey Hotel, Old Montreal, the streets of the Plateau and so much more is what you’ll find scrolling through his feed. So many different vibes but all so Montreal.



In case you didn’t know Montreal has some insanely talented street artists, but don’t blink or turn the wrong way or you might just miss it! If you didn’t see much on your trip to Montreal never fear, hop on over to Charly’s feed and get your feed! He’s doing a bang up job bringing the street of Montreal to your finger tips one stroll at at a time.



Aerial photography is on the rise (no pun intended) lately and Nic is doing amazing things with it. While the Montreal skyline is iconic and stunning from the ground, there is something to be sad for seeing it from above, it gives me a while new appreciation for my home town with each photo he shares. And when he is on the ground? Well you best believe his talent doesn’t stop at the skies thats for sure!



While Myriam’s handle might be passionmontreal, you can absolutely see at first glance that her passion also lies in architecture. Of which this city has no shortage of. Giving us a look at all the townhouses, buildings and street art that make most of us passionate to call Montreal she’s got me itching to get back home to see all these beauties for myself (and actually appreciate them for the first time in years).



If I had to choose one word to describe Charles’ I would say - moody. Hailing from France he has an incredible talent at sharing not only Montreal but the other cities he shoots with such a deep moody vibe, and I’m pretty much obsessed. His night shots are seriously some of my favourite on Instagram right now!



I couldn’t do up this post and not have someone to make your mouth water & your stomach growl. @JessicaPrdnc (her personal account) is the lady behind this account and I now have a folder on Instagram of saves from her feed for my next visit home because I will basically be eating my way through Montreal. From classics like smoked meat & poutine to incredible creations from some of the cities well known eateries she has done an amazing job of making me hungry every time she posts.

And there you have it! These are my 16 favourite, and lord knows that I'm finding more & more accounts that give me a little pang of MTL Homesickness. My next visit to Montreal will be in October (t-minus 7 months, not that I’m counting) and I’m insanely excited to see my friends get hitched, but also excited to take in the city with a whole new set of eyes. In the last 2 years each visit gets me loving Mtl more & more. So for now while I can’t hop on the next flight back to the 514 I’ll be scrolling through these 16 accounts getting inspired with each new post and giving me more than a few reasons to make my visits more frequent to Mon Montreal <3