2019 Christmas Experience Gift Guide

While everyone can appreciate the latest gadget, a new suitcase, a travel guidebook or a new piece of luggage sometimes it’s not about the things. Sometimes the gift of experience is exactly what the wanderluster In your life is after.

So this year instead of your typical gift guide full off all sorts of travel related gear I’ve decided to ask all the fabulous travellers I know to help me in creating a list of magical experiences from around the world that could make an amazing gift for anyone. I did my best to create a list of experiences for everyones budget and hope that even one of these things can inspire someone’s next great adventure. There are tons of suggestions from some amazing fellow travel bloggers as well as some experiences I've been able to take part in myself over the years. So here’s to you and yours and a happy holidays no matter where you are in the World. Kick off the Christmas season by looking through these 25 experiences to gift this year.

African Safari


Nothing beats the African Safari as the ultimate experience in life, in my humble opinion, there’s really nothing quite like it. The wake up call from staff at 5 am in the pitch dark that leads to stumbling around, sleepy eyed, pulling on the clothes you left at the foot of the bed. Making your way up to the lodge to find fresh coffee and toast to fuel you. The cheery greeting from your guide. Getting out to the land rovers and climbing aboard, finding blankets at the ready, its cold still! Your guide gets into the driver’s seat with a determined glint in his eye, he’s going to share his knowledge and his passion and that’s exciting for him. The tracker gets into a seat precariously balanced on the bonnet from where he scans the bush, but he’s also looking for scat - tracks, broken foliage, even imprints of where animals lay in the night, any clues he can find. The radio fizzes with greetings from other guides in other parts of the reserve, they’re sharing location information on what they’ve spotted and where. The engine revs into action. As the sun breaks above the horizon you pass through the lodge gates and Africa opens up in front of you. The enormous sky, the stunning landscape, the light! The warmth of the sun hits your face. This is the adventure you came for, who knows what you will find, but there will be a hearty breakfast waiting for you when you return to share your sightings with staff and guests a few hours later. And then you get to shower, and nap, and lunch, consider how lucky you were to experience that! and then you repeat it just before sunset, this time with sundowners. Thrilling!

African Safari

Doors off Helicopter ride

@thekiwicouple www.thekiwicouple.com

Step up your gift giving with an epic, exhilarating, slightly terrifying, all round unforgettable experience: a doors off helicopter ride. Flying with FlyNyon in NYC is one of the best things we've done in years - you can dangle your feet high above Central Park, The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty. Say, doesn't that sound a lot better than unwrapping a pair socks?!

This gift is perfect for those who are into photography. Having doors removed makes so much sense - you don't have to battle windows and glare to get that perfect shot. And how else can you get those sweeping aerial views of one of the most photogenic cities in the world? Or for those adventure seekers in your life - there's nothing like hanging your legs over the city, with wind flying through your hair.

You can book different types of flights with FlyNyon and all of them go from their hangar in New Jersey. We'd recommend the NYC Classic doors off flight (30-33min) to maximize the sights you can see and your time in the air. They always seem to have deals, often 50% off and sometimes with free transport - you can check out their website here.

Doors off Helicopter Ride

Quad tour in the Sahara @world.of.lina


With more than 9.2 million km², the Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world. Covering more than 30% of Africa, it’s nearly impossible to explore the entire greatness of the desert. However, you can discover parts of the desert in a very fun and adventurous way: A Quad Tour in the middle of the desert! No matter if you want to surprise your partner, a family member or a friend – driving a quad with almost 50 km/h up a giant dune is an unforgettable experience for everyone. You can either start from the small town called Merzouga or if you want to combine it with an overnight stay in the desert, tours can be organized from your desert camp too.

The tour is around an hour and the best time to take it is for sunset. First, the temperatures are more bearable and second, watching the sun go down while sitting on top of a large dune is simply breathtaking. Even if you’ve never done quad biking before it won’t be a problem because it’s super easy to drive and the tour guides will show you exactly how it works. Cling on tight, speed up and enjoy an unforgettable adventure in the Sahara desert! Desert Camp that organized the tour and more details can be found by visiting their website here.

Quad Tour Sahara

City Cards @zenonaplane http://zenonaplane.wordpress.com

It’s hard to get an overview of a city in a short visit, but one of the gifts that might help a traveller is a city card. They’re called different things—in Paris it’s the 'Passlib’, Reykjavik is the 'City Card'—but the general idea is that it’s a prepaid card which includes many of the most popular attractions; the more you visit, the more you save! Some of the most popular attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, are not fully included in the pass, but the card will get you a discount if you choose to visit.

Most of them also include public transportation for the duration of the pass, which can be an extra bonus if you were planning on taking the bus around anyways. Depending on the city, they can include other perks as well, like access to the public baths in Reykjavik—a must do!

These are a great gift for first time visitors to a city. It can direct people to some great attractions that are “must-sees” as well as some smaller places off the beaten track. My (second) favourite use of a card was taking the ferry out to Viðey Island in Reykjavik; the ferry was included. Cards are usually available in a few options (24 hours, 48 hours, 5 days, etc) depending on how long you’ll be visiting the city.

City Card Iceland

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda @wherecharliewanders


Nothing could be more special than going gorilla trekking to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. There are no Mountain Gorillas in zoos anywhere in the world as they cannot survive in captivity, therefore the only way to them is to hike through the rainforest.

Trekking through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of the most incredible travel experiences and a privilege. Bwindi is home to approximately 600 Mountain Gorillas; half of the world’s population.

In the Impenetrable forest in groups of up to 8 people trek to the gorillas. Each group visits one family, of which there are 11, who have been ‘habitualised’ to humans. In varied locations of the forest, depending on where they have wandered to.

There is no real way to guess the distance of the hike, as it depends on the location of the gorillas, however it can be up to 4 hours each way.It is hard to describe how incredible it is to see these magnificent animals exploring and interacting in their own environment. A completely humbling and overwhelming experience.

The permit to trek costs $600 in peak season, but a lot of the cost goes towards the continuing survival of the species, as well as employing the rangers and trackers who help protect them. It is a once in a life experience which anyone would be grateful to receive!The sad fact is that these animals continue to be under threat due to poaching, their habitat being destroyed and encroaching on human lands.

Gorilla Trekking

Solar Eclipse Experience @jd.travelphotos https://jdtravelphotos.com We went to watch the total solar eclipse this past winter in Argentina, we drove up to the mountains to witness something I’ve dreamt of seeing since I was a little girl. We grab our special glasses to watch the eclipse and waited in the cold with a little picnic for that to happen.

There were a lot of people and tv channels that traveled to witness the phenomenon as well. There was an especial atmosphere in the place, people were really excited, but calmed, everyone had brought a picnic, especially hot beverages. We waited for almost an hour while the moon was slowly covering the sun… and after that time, it started to happen, the temperature went down, a penetrating cold pierced our skins, the daylight started to dim and turned in a rare purplish light, the kids who were screaming and playing suddenly got quiet, the dogs started to bark the minutes before, and it happened, the moon was covering the sun. It was like an image taken from an old burn celluloid, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, people were screaming from the emotion, I started to cry, I looked around and my friends were crying as well, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, it made you feel so small and so big at the same time. It only lasted two minutes but those minutes were the longest and shortest of my life. It was one of the most surreal things I've ever seen. For me, it looked like a dream were the laws of physics don’t exactly apply. I wish it'd have lasted longer.

Solar Eclipse

Alpaca Walk @travel_fairie https://thetravelfairiesblog.com/

One of the best Christmas presents I have ever received was an Alpaca walking experience at Charnwood Forest Alpacas in Loughborough, UK. I was gifted the experience as a voucher which meant I had the flexibility to book it any time over the next year. I decided to wait until the summer to make the best of the good weather. The alpaca walk was a 90 minute experience. It included more than I was expecting, such as an informative talk about the animals as well as feeding and taking pictures with the alpacas. We were taught the perfect way to hold onto the alpacas and how to take alpaca selfies! I think this is the perfect gift for anyone as with their growing popularity, there are alpaca farms many places around the world so it's easy to find an experience close by. Alpaca walking is also something pretty unique and who doesn't love their adorable fuzzy faces. It’s also a great way to experience parts of your local nature you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Alpaca Walk

3 Day Tour of Uluru



If you have heard about the Australian Outback, then you probably have also heard or seen something about Uluru (the giant red rock in the middle of the desert). The pictures are all the same, but they cannot tell you how it feels when you stand at the base of this incredible natural phenomenon. Recently, the government closed the climb to the top and for a good reason. Uluru is an extremely sacred spot to the Anangu people (the traditional owners of Uluru). The base walk is an incredible experience that you can only complete in person. You will see and learn some of the stories of the Anangu people about the creation and history of Uluru. You will also learn about how they have survived in such a harsh climate for at least 30,000 years. There are two main ways to experience Uluru. You can hire a car and drive there yourself, or you can take one of the many companies that offer tours. I went on a three day trip with Wayoutback to experience this incredible place. On the three day journey with Wayoutback, and probably many of the other tour companies, you will also enjoy a hike at Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. To find out more about this tour click here.


Paragliding in Interlaken @findingalexx https://findingalexx.com/

Interlaken, a town surrounded by the Swiss Alps, is the adrenaline capital of Europe, where travellers from all over flock to for a jolt of energy while stepping way out of their comfort zone. Oh, and as a bonus, it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet, nestled between two bright blue lakes with snow-capped mountains all around.

There are plenty of crazy things to do in Interlaken and the Alps if you're buying for an adventure addict, from kayaking to white river rafting to bungee jumping or skydiving from a helicopter, but I settled on running off a cliff and paragliding over the city. It was the most epic thing I've ever done, hands down. Paragliding in Interlaken is available basically year-round, depending on weather conditions. There are a number of outfits in town who run paragliding trips but I recommend booking this one through Klook.com. They were incredibly professional, the pilot soothed my nerves and ensured I was having a good time the entire flight, and I paid 40CHF for the GoPro photos and video once we landed, which was absolutely worth it. The flight is about 15 minutes of floating peacefully through the sky, soaking up the some of the most incredible views anywhere on the planet, with an optional 'roller coaster ride' where the pilot puts the chute into a heart-racing spin, before landing and wanting to do it all over again.


Christmas Getaway in Lapland @tthemillennialrunaway www.themillennialrunaway.com

As we grow older we tend to lose the magic of folklores, but Lapland is a tale that never seems to lose its sparkle. Not only is it Santa Claus’ hometown (Rovaniemi to be exact), but it offers a once in a lifetime experience to gape at the northern lights with Auroral activity happening up to 200 nights per year! And if that wasn’t enough, the Aurora Zone claim its home to 200,000 reindeer, 183,000 people, 6 national parks and lets not forget about the igloos you can stay in at Kakslauttanen! Although the average temperatures sit between -5°C and -15°C, you get to wear one of those cool snow suits that look super snuggly – and prove your worthy of a place among the Stark Family.

So immerse yourself in subarctic wilderness with wild activities such as dog sledding, reindeer safaris and ice fishing, experience natural phenomenon such as the midnight sun and live to tell the tale of a Christmas in Santa’s real life grotto.


(Photo courtesy of @hannahbella_nel)

A Boat trip to Spirit Island @lloydevansphoto & @sophieerin___ www.lloydevansphotography.com

Spirit Island. One of those places that you see in pictures and question whether it’s real. Its mysterious name conjures ideas of something a little otherworldly, and the beauty of the place certainly is enchanting.

Maligne lake is a 30 minute scenic drive from the town of Jasper, a picturesque route where you may see caribou, elk or even a bear. Leading through the trees to the Maligne shoreline, you’ll encounter a lakeside restaurant, waffle house and gift shop, as well as pretty shoreline walks and a very photogenic boathouse. Setting out on Pursuit Jasper’s boat trip to the Island, the tour brings together the perfect combination of humour and knowledge, all the while surrounded by the incredible Maligne Lake, the third largest glacial fed lake in the world. The incredible blue waters of glacier lakes are certainly something to behold, and with Maligne Lake you find the further you go the deeper more vibrant shade of turquoise the waters become. When you reach the island you’ll get a chance to stretch your legs on the adjacent shore, the sacred island untouched so you can take in the beautiful view without your fellow awe-struck visitors distracting from the experience. Cruises last around 1 and a half to 2 hours depending on the cruise you choose. You can find out more information and book online here.

Spirit Island

Machu Picchu (Salkantay Trek)​ Hope from @themvmtblog


The Ultimate Salkantay Trek with Alpaca Expeditions is a 6D 5N overnight hiking trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu. An experienced guide will lead your group through picturesque mountains, lakes, and lagoons. You will spend nights getting to know the other people in your group, but you will also get to know your local guides and porters. They will likely have exciting stories about growing up in Peru, as well as valuable lessons to teach about their ancestors relationship with nature and the importance of respecting the environment and creatures in it. After a few days of beautiful nature and scenery, the hiking portion of the trip will finish in Aguas Calientes, a town located right outside Machu Picchu.

The Ultimate Salkantay trek package includes everything you need and more. For starters, you’ll receive three delicious, home-cooked meals every day (and we promise that you won’t leave a single meal feeling anything but stuffed). You’ll also have the chance to stay in a glass cabana, a hobbit house, and a hotel on the last night, leaving only 2 nights of tent camping. If you’re looking to balance an authentic hiking experience through the wilds of Peru with luxury, this is the perfect trek for you! See more details and book your Salkantay experience here.

Machu Pichu

Dude Ranch Experience Jamie Cucci

If anyone you know loves horses, nature, cowboys, or has ever been disappointed by a dude ranch, I highly recommend an authentic cattle drive. In the summer of 2018, I joined a cattle drive into the Big Horn Mountains with Double Rafter Cattle Drives. In the style of 1800s ranchers and homesteaders, the drive spanned 50-60 miles on horseback through incredible terrain with no modern amenities (get used to the idea of a bathroom tent). For one week, life revolved around a horse, the land, the weather, and whatever quagmire the cows managed to lead me into. It was 6+ hours in the saddle per day, rain or shine. Delays happened rarely, and usually for the safety of the horses and herd – not the comfort of the guests!

Delicious, hearty meals were prepared on the fire by an angelic kitchen crew. Some lunches we ate in the saddle. Nobody was hungry all week. What made this experience truly life changing was the wholehearted welcome of the Double Rafter family who share their way of life with open arms. I, alongside guests from around the world, learned so much about everyday horsemanship, a wholesome way to ranch, and what it means to be a proper steward to the priceless beauty of the Big Horns. It was a challenging experience, and I was grateful for every wrangler and guest who shared it with me. The last night was spent in a modern lodge where I took the best shower of my life. To find out more about the cattle drive click here.

Cattle Drive

Hiking Kilimanjaro Diana from @themvmtblog

www.mvmtblog.com For the outdoor lover, adventurer, or athlete in your life, there's no better gift than a 7-day Kilimanjaro trek with Pristine Trails. The five day ascent from 5,000 feet to nearly 20,000 feet and two day descent will probably be the most challenging thing that you (or your lucky gift recipient) has done in your life, but also the most memorable and worthwhile. Not only will you get to see some of the most majestic views in the world, but you'll also get to push yourself beyond your limits and discover just what you're capable of.

The fees to enter Mt. Kilimanjaro alone are not cheap, and then on top of that, you have to pay for a guide to take you to the top. That's what makes this the perfect holiday gift, whether for yourself or for a loved one. Most Kilimanjaro tour guide operators charge $1,700 to thousands of dollars per person, and this is not a trip that you want to skimp on. Climbing Kilimanjaro is no walk in the park, and you'll want to make sure your life (or whoever you're buying this trip for) is in good hands. The guides and porters with Pristine Trails were not only the biggest morale boosters, but they were also the best chefs, kindest and most fun individuals, and always went the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable and taken care of. Make someone extremely happy this holiday season with a Kilimanjaro trip - you won't regret it!


Petra Tour @ohiogirltravels https://www.ohiogirltravels.com

Whether you want to feel like you’re in a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or check off one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, a visit to Petra, Jordan will leave you in awe! Although the precise date Petra was built is unknown, the capital of the Nabataean Empire began to prosper around the 1st century BC.

The winding Siq leads you to the rose-red city, nestled deep within the mountains. The first glimpse of The Treasury will leave you breathless and wanting to explore more of this ancient city. As you approach the Treasury, the intricate carved details have stood the test of time while the numerous shades of red, orange and peach seem to give the weathered elements a beautiful glow. With every step taken in Petra, you’ll feel like an archaeologist searching for ancient treasures!

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Petra Archaeological Park consists of approximately 65 acres and to truly explore all of this ancient city, visitors would need at least 3-5 days. Whether you have one day or several, taking a guided tour of Petra will show you the main highlights and secrets spots you wouldn’t find on your own. Tour Information:

I used Tourist Israel for my 3-day trip to Jordan as I was in Israel and couldn’t pass up a chance to visit Petra. The link below shows all of their Petra/Jordan tours, click here for more. *Note: The Petra trip was from Israel*


3 Gili Island Tour @kerriomwithlove Indonesia is well known for it's authentic cultural sights and temples, waterfalls, shimmering white sand beaches and several incredible spots for exploring the underwater world. Just off the West coast of Lombok Island lay the 3 Gili Islands - Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. With the option of either a public or private Island Hopping tour, you can quench your water activity thirst and see all of the major attractions while staying near the surface - ideal for swimmers of all levels. You can enjoy a half or full day of snorkelling around the three islands, swimming with sea turtles at Gili Trawangan, stopping at the famous underwater scuptures created by Jason DeCaires Taylor in an effort to promote coral regrowth at Gili Meno, and stop on the beach for lunch before heading back into the water at Gili Air. This Island Hopping experience allows you to visit all three islands while almost guaranteeing sea turtle sightings - and who doesn't love turtles? Pack your reef safe sun screen and head to the islands!

GIli Islands

Yoga Retreat in Portugal @kbowbristol https://kbowbristol.life/ Book yourself (or a loved one) on a dreamy yoga retreat that does not cost the earth! Yoga Evolution Retreat in Portugal is set in a little paradise between Porto and Lisbon. Peter and Sue have created a little haven that can only be described as idyllic, set amongst the incredible beauty of Portuguese hilltops. The focus of the stay is of course yoga. The yoga practice is varied and can be tailored to all levels of experience. The morning starts with two hours of Ashtanga practice - Peter has a wonderful approach to teaching: clear instructions and demonstrations, no egos and the habit of making you laugh during an awkward balance to remind you to not take yoga too seriously. Sue’s evening yin classes challenges in different ways - providing a reminder to nourish your body a little bit more and find more balance in your life. When not practicing, there is plenty of time to relax by the gorgeous pool, hide away in the lounge with a book, hang out in the hammocks or take a wander around the gorgeous grounds. The practice is also supported by scrumptious and nutritious feasts - based on a fusion of healthy whole foods, taking influence from macrobiotics, Ayurveda, vegan and raw foods.They have they created a space that makes people immediately breathe more calmly, their warm personalities could not make you feel more welcome. And there are gorgeously cute animals EVERYWHERE! For more info or to book, click here.

Yoga Retreat

Ocean Rafting in Australia She Who Wanders tried & tested experience

You’ve likely heard of white water rafting, maybe in Canada, or a National Park in Central America but what if I told you that you could raft on the ocean? No, I’m not crazy but the team at Ocean Rafting Australia might be for having created such Han unreal and adventurous experience. In the picturesque and perfect Whitsunday Islands’s on Australia’s east coast you’ll have the chance to get out on the ocean like never before. Guests load into a semi rigid boat in Airlie beach and cruise out to the majestic Whitehaven Beach. Travelling at speeds of over 60km/hour you’ll have the opportunity to see this part of Australia like no other way before. The company has a special permit to allow them to take guests to all areas of then iconic hill inlet beach, and to one of the most photographed few points in the World. This is the perfect experience to gift to those adventure lovers in your life, and the animal lovers too. As part of the rafting experience guests will also be able to take to the infamous Great Barrier Reef to snorkel and swim among the fish. This company offers dozens of other tours around the country and worth checking out too! For more about the tour and the other options available click here.

Ocean Rafting

WB Studios London She Who Wanders tried & tested experience What could be more magical that giving the gift of witchcraft and wizardry? While you may not be able to find a ride in a flying car you can find your way to Hogwarts! The perfect gift for anyone obsessed with Harry Potter is a ticket to WV Studios London.

A regular ticket will give visitors the opportunity to step foot into the magical and iconic world that JK Rowling created many years ago. Wander through the Great Hall, Gryffindor common room, potions class and even Privet Drive. Try the Butterbeer, take a selfie with Dobby and see the most whimsical world come to life before your eyes. If you want something extra special then look into tickets to have dinner in the Great Hall or see Hogwarts in the snow. No matter what option you choose you’ll be winning all sorts of points with the people in your life who want to run off to Hogwarts. To book in for the most magical of experiences for any muggle click here.

WB Studio London

Hot air balloon ride in Bristol

She Who Wanders tried & tested experience Picture this-you’re soaring a few hundred feet off the ground. But, your view isn’t obstructed by a dirty or scratched window! How could it be that you can see everything below you and even shout hello to the people on the ground? Well by riding in a hot air balloon of course! Sounds dreamy doesn’t it it? While there are many incredible locations around the World to take a ride in a hotel air balloon, Turkey, New Mexico and Melbourne spring to mind! But one of the most amazing (and maybe unsuspecting locations) is Bristol. This city in the SouthWest of England is home to the biggest hot air balloon festival in Europe which it attracts balloons & their pilots from around the world for a weekend of amazing sights.The festival is free and takes place in August so the recipient of this gift will have something to look forward to, but if they can’t wait until summer Bristol balloon companies start running trips in early spring too. You’ll be able to lift off from several locations in and around Bristol city and the pilots will take you up and over the surrounding area giving riders an incredible aerial view better than any drone could ever capture. Be sure to look into outfitters who offer special occasion flights for that special someone in your life too.

Hot Air Balloon

Parasailing in New Zealand

She Who Wanders tried & tested experience Imagine cruising high above the ocean with a parachute behind you, and not having had to jump out of a plane for it?! If skydiving just isn’t exactly your cup of tea why not parasailing! Paihia in the Bay of Islands on New Zealand’s North Island is home to the countries highest parasail. Coming in at 1300 ft you have the opportunity to so at it solo or buddy up and go up as a pair for the parasail experience. You’ll go out on a jet boat with the other flyers and get the chance to watch them sail from the boat before it's your turn. Once it’s go time you'll get tucked into a harness by the professionals running the show and quicker than you can say FLYING KIWI you’re up up and away. Soaring above the ocean taking in the sights from incredible heights. The cheeky team will add a dip or two just to keep things interesting and then them reel you back into the boat like it’s no big feat at all. I’d recommend Flying Kiwi Parasail for an epic thriller of an adventure if you end up in the Bay of Islands. Bot don’t worry, there are a ton of other cities around New Zealand who offer parasail experiences including Rotorua and Wanaka. For more about the parasail experience click here.

Parasail New Zealand

Ziplining in Monteverde

She Who Wanders tried & tested experience The cloud forest of Costa Rica is something not to be missed. And one of the absolute best ways to experience it is while flying through the treetops and exploring the jungle on a zip-line. Aventura Canopy Tour in Monteverde has been in operation for years with their signature canopy tours in Monteverde. The tour itself consists of 9 regular zip-lines, 2 ‘superman’ style zippiness, one of which is the longest in the country, plus a hammock bridge, and a Tarzan swing. Guests on this tour will be led through the incredible Costa Rican jungle by a local and bilingual (Spanish & English) naturalist guide who will ensure everyone’s safety as well as giving out facts and history about the cloud forest. An adrenaline junkies wish come true as they soar through the tree tops marvelling at all the forest as to offer. And on those lucky days you might even be able to spot some beautiful wildlife in the trees as you sail by. But if zip-lining just isn't on the wish list, be sure to check out the website for other tour options including ATV tours, horseback riding adventures and even a hanging bridge experience.For more visit their website by clicking here.

Ziplining Monteverde

Cooking Classes Around The World

She Who Wanders tried & tested experience Macarons in Paris. Pad Thai in Thailand. Pasta in Italy. Paella in Spain. The list is endless when it comes to cooking classes and what better gift to give that foodie in your life than an opportunity to cook some amazing food themselves. Maybe they are off to Paris so the perfect opportunity could be to gift them a cooking class with La Cuisine Paris. From making croissants to perfecting the classic macaron recipe and they even offer food tours. Maybe you have a friend who lives in Vancouver who would love to learn how to create a perfect seafood dish, send them to The Dirty Apron for a class . Or maybe you know someone who is off on a World Wide adventure, gift them the knowledge of TravelingSpoon.com where travellers can learn to make homemade meals by a local in any number of countries around the world.

Cooking Class

A Unique Walking Tour

She Who Wanders tried & tested experience

One of the best ways togged your bearings in a new place is to get onto a walking tour. Hostels sometimes offer then for free and most cities around the world offer incredible walking tours, some more unique than others. For example, in Bristol you can opt into a a walking tour where a pirate will give you all the pirate history in the city. The ‘Blood, Blackbeard & Bucaneers tour dives into the lesser known history of the city in England giving guests a whole new view on the fabulous city. For more visit their website at https://showofstrength.org.uk/ . Or in Paris, there are the Polaroid walking tours. Choose from the classic, the Montmartre route or the street art version. Armed with a fabulous and knowledgeable guide you’ll also be given a polaroid camera and given tips on how best to use it. The perfect way to explore the city and take home some souvenirs you created yourself on film. For more on Paris Polaroid tours click here.

Photography Workshop For the avid photographer on your list a photography workshop could be the most perfect experience. From New Zealand, The Dolomites, Banff Alberta and even the magical Faroe Islands. Photography workshops are available for every level of photographer, from cityscapes to nature, portrait and everything in between to choose from. When it comes to choosing the best photography workshop it helps to look for photographers you admire and are inspired by. Their work and their attitude towards photography should be something you are drawn to. There are two photographers I’ve been following for a long time who host workshops around the world that I would love to attend one day. Jeff Bartlett is a Canadian based photographer holding workshops in several locations including the Isle of Skye in Scotland and Banff, Alberta. To find out more about Jeff's upcoming workshops in Canada click here. To see the workshops offered in Scotland visit F8Workshops by clicking here and the Faroe Islands workshop can be found by visiting F8Workshops here. And second would be Carmen Huter. This girl is amazing behind the camera and totally inspires everyone who see’s her images with her sense of adventure and eye of scenes to photograph. To find out when and where Carmen's next workshop will be click here No matter what photographer it is, this could be the best way for an aspiring photg to find their feet behind the lens.

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