Bye Bye BC

While my realtionship with Vancouver has been pretty tumultuous in the last 2 years I won't ever take for granted the amazing places I was lucky enough to experience during my time here. So on my last day in Vancouver as I'm soaring high over the mountains making my way back to Montreal (then The UK) to start a new adventure I thought I would share some of my favourite moments from my life in BC...

Sunsets like this..whether they were spent at English Bay (sunset beach), Kits Beach, Spanish Banks or Jericho the views from this side of the city as the sun went down was one that could always impress.

Visitors. Living in a place where your social circle is quite limited, I was lucky enough to have several visitors over the course of my time here, from Australia, The UK & Ontario. Never failed to make me smile for days after they left.

My first snowshoe experience & the amazing day spent out with BC Adventure Girls ringing in 2017 the right way (even if we were a little cold). Had the chance to meet amazing ladies with the same soul inspiring love for travel and adventure.

Meeting up with an amazing friend for wine & a weekend of catching up, Penticton is underrated but with sunsets on the lake front like this one, I don't know why you wouldn't check it out.

Labour Day Weekend 2016 in Tofino, my first trip to that part of Vancouver Island & so grateful I got the chance to visit before leaving. Definitely somewhere I would visit again when I come back to see more of BC.

Although I only made it out snowshoeing twice in the two winters I lived in Vancouver, this view from Dog Mountain totally made my winter!

By far one of my all time favourite days was spent hiking Joffre Lakes in Pemberton last summer. It seemed to be the last absolutely stunning summer day before the cold fall started & I couldn;t seem to get my jaw off the floor for the whole trail

Because you can't visit Vancouver & not get up to Whistler right? Well it took me almost a whole year before I made it up there the first time, but thankfully have been several more times since & each time is stunning, from trails, the village & impressive waterfalls (even frozen in the winter)

Hiking. In case you didn't already get this from all my posts, I love to hike. It clears my mind, and chances are the views from the top of the most strenuous hikes will make that sweat session totally worth it. Definitely one of my favourites in Vancouver had to be Norvan Falls, a 14 km roundtrip train with a stunning fall at the end which we had all to ourselves this day!

Vancouver Island. So many different places to explore & experience, and yet one of my last times over to the island I was gifted with a wicked tour guide & an incredible day of waterfall chasing & stunning (even a little scary) views.

Then there's my last weekend in BC, lucked out and got the chance to visit some family out in Kelowna which was amazing & then it was off to meet up with an amazing adventure buddy & take the scenic back roads from Kelowna to Whistler making all the stops.

Capping it all off with, albeit a foggy one, a visit to the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish which had been on my bucket list the whole time I lived here!

Funny enough, like clockwork, each time I get ready to leave a place I wind up meeting some amazing people, and of course thats what happened this week. Thanks to the blog and Social Media I was able to get a chance to meet some awesome ladies & catch my last Vancouver sunset with them before calling a day on Vancouver..and man was it a goodie!

And just like that I'm up up & away back to Montreal, back to my family & friends (and an unfortunate packing situation) before heading off to The UK for who knows how long! To the people I've met along the way and connected with in all kinds of ways, thank you. Thank you for sharing your favourite places with me, for being part of my adventures in some form or another & for just making my last few months here that much better. It is time for me to say See ya later BC, who knows when we'll meet again but I know now that there is still so much left to explore & so many new friends to do it with!

Until then, keep it wildly beautiful BC✌🏼

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