Meet The Kiwi Couple

In the land of bloggers, social media is the best networking tool, and over the last few months I've been diving into it more & more, and finding the most amazing people thanks to Facebook, Instagram & even Twitter. So, when I managed to end up in the same comment pod as a couple from NZ traveling around the world, I knew theirs was a story I wanted to share, so earlier this month I got the chance to chat to Jeremy & Rachel about their lives on the road & their travels! So welcome The Kiwi Couple...

Who are you & what do you do?

We are Rachel and Jeremy, a New Zealand couple currently making our way around the world! Along the way we make videos, take some photos and play with lots of cats.

How did you meet?

No epic travel romance story here - we met when we were at University in the same class. Typical story, best friends first and then just happened to fall in love. How convenient!

How has it been traveling as a couple?

We like to think we've done all the things they say are hardest for a relationship - worked together, lived together and travelled together - and we're still not sick of each other! Travelling as a couple helps you to be better teammates and friends. Everything is done side by side - facing problems and scary situations, as well as sharing magical experiences we can't even explain.

Favourite Travel Memory?

You know we are actually really struggling with these sorts of questions lately! Everybody wants to know our favourite place or thing we've done. There's actually so many it's all starting to blur into one big mess of awesomeness haha. Maybe our very first trip overseas together - we went to the Gold Coast for Jeremy's 23rd birthday. It was special because we'd only ever travelled with our families at that stage. Aww, all grown up!

Lake Atilan

Do you have any travel horror stories?

Too many to count! Something always goes wrong and you just have to laugh.

Here's the story of our emergency dental tourism in Peru...only the second country on this trip! Rachel had been to the dentist right before we left and everything was peachy. The altitude in Peru seemed to wreak havoc with her fillings (something scientific to do with expanding and stuff) and she woke up screaming one night with a toothache. Luckily this horror story has a happy(ish) ending - we randomly found a dentist who spoke English (our Spanish at that point was Hola and Gracias). But let me tell you - it's so terrifying having a dentist do a root canal for you while only speaking Spanish to his assistant. On the plus was SO much cheaper than in New Zealand!!!

How do you decide where to go? Do you both always want to visit the same places?

There are places that we want to go more than others, and the top 3 on our lists are different. But we love travel in general so don't mind going anywhere and everywhere. For this trip we booked 6 key flights around the world and made our way in between them. To decide where to go we get heavily influenced by people we meet on the way, and also do research online. There are always major things we want to see, like the Taj Mahal or Victoria Falls - but a little flexibility helps you find other hidden gems along the way!

Top 3 bucket list places you’ve yet to visit

Jeremy - Russia, Antarctica, Nepal

Rachel - Greek Islands, South Korea, Patagonia

What Video Equipment/Programs do you use?

Since we're travelling for 11 months straight we've managed to get most of our 'kit' in one backpack. Jeremy has a Pacsafe camera bag (with slashproof metal mesh) that has a laptop, Canon 7D, 24-105mm lens, 11-16mm lens and Gopro + accessories. Rachel carries a DJI Osmo in her backpack and we also have a Lumix GF2 that lives in our big backpacks. It may sound like a lot, but Jeremy misses all his lenses that Rachel made him leave behind! For editing, we use Adobe Premiere Pro.

Any advice for travelers wanting to create quality vids of their travels?

We would say don't focus on the equipment, because it's what you do with what you have that's important. Creativity and a well told story will trump any fancy equipment!

Where do you see yourselves/your “brand” in 5 years?

We want to be still travelling! Ticking off more of those places we want to see. And hopefully we'll be inspiring people to see more of the world. We feel so lucky that we have been inspired by images and stories from other travellers, and really want to pass it on.

A huge shout out to Rachel & Jeremy for taking time out of their adventures to give me the low down on their adventures & what's to come, If you want to find out more (and I suggest you do) head on over to their channels and keep up with what comes next. New website u & running here