The Boys Club

It wasn't long ago that I featured some pretty bad ass babes who are calling British Columbia home on the blog, if you missed it you can catch up here. But that got me many "top 10" lists have I seen showcasing those awesome ladies behind the lenses out there? But am I just missing out on the features about the dudes that are crushing it out there? I haven't seen nearly as many lists, so I thought I would do up a top 10 of my own to show off some of the accounts curated by some wickedly talented guys around the globe so here we go!

Wandering Wychop

You may recognize this name from a post a few months back showcasing the Travel App SHERPA. But before Eric took on the amazing role he has with the boys behind Sherpa he was a guy from small town Canada with a camera living & studying in Edinburgh showing off his life across the pond for all to see. His gallery showcases his love of Europe & The UK as well as his adventures around his current home base of Toronto. Be sure to wander over to his newly launched website to keep up with his travels as he shares stories from the road and where his next grand adventure will take him.


Want to find yet another reason to get yourself over to Vancouver or Vancouver Island to explore? If you said yes, then Josh has got the right content for you. A feed full of all that makes Vancouver & The Island amazing, his photos capture all that he loves about living in BC, from the classic Sea Wall shots from Vancouver, to the hidden gems of Vancouver Island that will have you hopping on the first ferry over he has an incredible talent for capturing moments that someone else would just pass by with out another thought.


Quin Schrok and his incredible sense of adventure will take you on adventure without even leaving your hometown. Bouncing his base between Oahu & California, you can tell from the first few photos on his feed that adventure is his middle name (probably not literally but you never know). Whether he is getting as high as possible along Oahu's coast, or going deep into the jungle searching for waterfalls he leaves no stone unturned on his travels sharing even more than his snaps on his website.

NeillDrake A man, his van & his pup. What more could you want in life? If you answered nothing, then Mr.Drake is your guy! Armed with his trusty sidekick Hurley (who also has his own IG) he bought a 1 way ticket to South American 2 years ago, bought a kick ass Kombi and have been making their way from Argentina all the way up to Alaska. If his photos don't have your jaw on the floor then chances are you're blind..but if that doesn't get you then his super relatable IG stories will get you (think videos of Hurley looking adorable & van troubles in remote areas). For more info check him out here too.

Jackson.Groves Being from one of my favourite countries ever, this account first caught my eye a few years back with the colours of the photos. They seemed to jump right out of the feed. Ever since then I've followed Jackson's insanely amazing explorations around the world, from his home state in Australia, to India & now Guatemala. If you want to find out what it looks like to jump off a 12 meter cliff, or swim with whale sharks or get up to some crazy antics with fellow travellers on the road then be sure to head over & check out not only his feed but his blog too.


This is one of the newer accounts I've started to follow thanks to a great friend with an eye for amazing photos, but Ryan's gallery has quickly become one of my favourites. A Vancouver Island resident, the locations he manages to find seem all too magical to think they're real. From waterfalls, to starry beach nights, and a few far off destinations Ryan's talent is showcased in each photograph he shares along with his love of the island. For more shots check out his portfolio.


If you've been following for any amount of time you'll know that New Zealand has a huge place in my heart & soul, so of course there was bound to be a Kiwi photog on this list, and Rakesh is showcasing what makes me love NZ so much - the scenery. No matter the island, North or South, he manages to capture every piece of the country doing what it does best, shining. From the Auckland skyline, to the night sky of Lake Tekapo there is nothing Rakesh leaves out. So if you need a little more inspiration to get you Middle Earth bound, this is it!


Are you a sun chaser? A lover of all things beauty and tropical? Well get your beach bum in gear over to check out the eternal summer that is Brendan's feed. An Aussie bloke, who showcases his home country with such incredible talent, he's sharing his travels around the world wherever they may take him including his day to day life antics. There's something about sitting in Canada mid winter, looking at the shots of the beach or reef that he shares that makes me feel like I'm there (almost). If you don't believe me, then check it out for yourself & let me know if you feel a little warmer after a few scrolls.


If there was her someone I would want writing my captions or captioning my life it would be this guy! Gavin's captions always leave me laughing, then there's his photos, currently killing me with shots of Belize, but having visited some incredible places in the world too. There is nothing this chanson man won't say. I've gotten to know him over the last few months thanks to IG & I can say that whenever I feel a little down & own, leave it to his jokes or remarks to have me in stitches again. If you want a taste, just check out his bio...

D.r.e.w.b.y Based out of Long Beach, California Drew's feed features inspiration with every shot. His aim is to use his photography to to inspire people to go out there and live their lives to the fullest, to explore outside of their comfort zones & not let life pass them by. He is doing just that in his own life, and his photos express that every time. From deep in the mountains, to road trips along the coast & everything in between he's definitely inspired me to keep getting out there and finding more inspiration from photography. Check out more from Drew on his website.