What comes next

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy......no I didn't take part in a rap battle but that's how I felt right as I hit the "submit application" button early last month. If you've been keeping up with things happening in my wandering world lately (and for the last while) you'll know that things haven't been right for me since arriving in Vancouver, it took 18 months of figuring out that this life wasn't one that I wanted, and almost the same amount of time to finally come to the realization that I have to get out. Which bring me to my exciting news.. I'M LEAVING VANCOUVER! Yep you heard that right, this wanderer is off, but where you may ask? And what does an application have to do with any of it?

Well let me tell you. I spent months trying so hard to decide what it was I was going to do, I asked everyone I knew what they thought, and got to the point where my brain was so overwhelmed by it all that I had to just shut it off. I had to stop thinking what came next and what I was going to do and just coast for a little while. And with that I came to my choice, and so after a conversation with my awesome mom about what I needed to do, and what I wanted to get out of it I had made my mind up. With that I got online, and started filling in a visa application form. You'll all know that I've already been to Australia & New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa, so where else could I go? Well put the kettle on, alert Her Majesty, & tell Prince Harry that all his Friday nights will be taken up with me because I'm headed to....THE U.K!💂☕️

Bring on the history, the cobbled streets, the good food & drink, and European adventures! To say I'm excited would be a bit of an understatement, and I've been sitting on this secret for about a month now to give myself time to get things in order (IE: letting work & my landlord know #adultlifethings) letting the excitement build while spending hours scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest getting inspiration for this newest wander of mine! I've never been to The U.K (or Europe for that matter) but such was the same when I applied for my Australia & New Zealand WH Visas. And it was a thought I had early last year but at the time & where I was in my situation I couldn't commit. I needed to take all the pressure off myself and come to the choice naturally, without any outside pressure, which is exactly what I did. I made the decision. I applied for the Visa. I made the choice for my life, and then I told people. So what are my plans you might ask? Not a clue! Which is how I like it to be honest. While that may scare some of you to death & may worry my parents, it's genuinely how I enjoy travelling, especially with such a large timeline in front of me. I've taken care of my first few days so I can get adjusted to the time difference but other than that I'm free as a bird and looking forward to taking advantage of that! In the meantime there is much to be done still and to look forward to, because (another announcement) before I hop across the pond to jolly old England, I'll be making a trip..HOME! Yep it's Montreal for me first & foremost to celebrate my birthday with my friends & family for the first time in 7.5 year🎈 While the last 18 months have been hell, a huge shout out should be made to my amazing colleagues at work who have been the only consistently good light throughout my situation. Having a job I've truly enjoyed & loved was something that kept me here as long as I was and I'm eternally grateful for all that I've learned from everyone and the opportunities I was given. While this is the end of job, it's continually fueled my passion for travel and I'll always be thankful for that. From here I'll be finalizing things on my end travel wise, taking in the last little bit of decent weather I can find, packing up & selling a ton of stuff & I'll also be putting together a How To Yep, it's back to !🎉🍻. While I've traveled back to the city of bagels & pretty city skylines, I haven't been home for my birthday since I moved to Alberta back in 2010, and while this birthday may not be any sort of milestone *cough 28 cough* I am so beyond excited to spend a holiday weekend (ironically enough Queen Victoria's Birthday) celebrating my birthday with my loved ones! I'll be home for two weeks (at the end of May) before heading off on this adventure in June, and in that time I'm going to play tourist in my hometown like never before, so I'll have lots to share with you before I take off.

So for anyone in The U.K or headed that way in the coming months, drop me a line! Let's plan some wanders together & take advantage of the European backyard that will be mine soon.

(Photo Cred to my dear friend Jo V ❤️)