Sea to Sky Sundays

Alright, so it's Sunday, you've got a case of the Monday's already right? Well if your like myself and Natasha from BC Adventure Girls then you get up way too early on a Sunday, hop in the car & get your drive on! Destination? Awesome places! That's basically how our Sunday went. We had no real destination in mind, but the sun was out (for the first time in weeks), armed with cameras & a sense of adventure we took off along the Sea to Sky Highway & knew we were in for a good day.

The Sea to Sky Highway connects Vancouver and Whistler boasting some of the absolute most picturesque views in BC, and when the sun is shining on those snow covered mountains there's no better view. We took our time cruising up from Vancouver watching the temp rise and found our first stop of the day, Shannon Falls in Squamish. Right off the highway on your right you'll see the sign for the Shannon Falls Provincial Park & while there are a few parking spots at the base, the best spot to park is across the street. You can walk right in and within a few minutes you'll see this incredible waterfall.

We snapped a few photos and talked future adventure weekends, and the possibility of setting up an event to hike The Chief a well known hike in Squamish before it was back in the car for more views!

Stop number two was unplanned and I'd almost missed the sign, but Nat spotted it & we stopped right away! Brandywine Falls at the start of Whistler is one of the coolest waterfalls I've gotten to see in the area, and seeing the last time I was there it was totally frozen over I was excited to see what state it was in after some warmer temps from January. Again another park up & stroll in, these ones are about a 10 minute walk from the "parking area" through the trees & across some train tracks before you arrive at some stunning falls.

Definitely not at all frozen like last time, but still gorgeous, and it seemed like we were the only people out on adventures because there wasn't another soul there the whole time! There is said to be a train that will take you to the base of the falls where there's a rocky shoreline (not pictured due to snow) but I've yet to discover it, something else to add to the adventure list though! Back in the car with our next destination being a must see when driving the Sea to Sky, Whistler!

I've been to Whistler twice now, a Summer & Winter visit under my belt we were on a special mission so Nat could feast her eyes on the classic Olympic Rings & we could play tourist for a little bit. It's always fun to visit a place you've been before with someone who hasn't as it almost makes you see it in a different light. With photos taken, and the village strolled we hoped back in the car to head back down the highway in search of some epic view points, and man did we sure as hell find some gems!

Above: The Tantalus Range View Point along the highway, a spot for climbers & hikers looking to get some thrills and unreal views. For the rest of us, you just pull off the highway at a marked parking area and take it all in Below: A cheaky little pull over with no spot in mind but a perfect clearing through the trees

Below: Brittania Beach, across from the Brittania Mine Museum

Below: Porteau Cove Provincial park

With the sun beaming down, and the clouds hovering perfectly above the peaks it was the perfect day to have no destination in mind. I got to experience more than usual along the highway (usually ride up/down on the bus so no picture stops). It was just what I needed to life my spirits after the longest winter everrrr & gave me a little bit more hope that Spring was in fact on her way in. So next time someone asks where you want to go, tell them you want to go on an adventure, hop in the car & see where the road takes you!