Winter Fun in Peachland; The Sweetest Place under the Sun

First guest post of 2017 comes to you from none other than my West Coast adventure girl Jenn! Taking us through the must do's for a winter trip to her new home in Peachland! If you want to see more of what Jenn & her cool photog hubby get up to in their new neighborhood check her out on Instagram🌄


Peachland, nestled on the west side of Okanagan Lake, is a stellar travel destination to embrace the winter hush. As most of the city is built into a mountainside, it’s typically shielded from those blustery, cold winds and is therefore prone to warmer temperatures year round, particularly in the winter. Don’t worry; this doesn’t make Peachland any less spectacular for snowy adventures.

From conquering mountains, to indulging in mouth watering cuisine, Peachland offers diverse winter experiences for the snow-loving traveler.


Winter in Peachland is a photographer’s dream. I mean, when you’re surrounded by rolling hills, mountain tops, lake views and wilderness, how could you not want to capture every inch of it? Lucky for us, our best view of Peachland and Okanagan Lake is at the top of Pincushion Mountain, which also happens to be (in my opinion) one of the best hikes in the Okanagan. It’s sort of an unwritten rule that you can’t become a true ‘Peachlander’ until you’ve hiked Pincushion. I’ve managed to hike it half a dozen times, but hiking it in the winter is a whole different experience. The hike has several steep sections, so proper footwear and even walking sticks are highly recommended but there are three main look out points that allow you to rest before the summit. These lookouts offer a brief glimpse into the highly anticipated panoramic views from the top. Upon reaching the summit, bask in the views, but don’t forget to sign your name in the guest book and take full advantage of a photo op with the Canadian flag; proof that you have officially become a Peachlander!

Elevation at the summit - 2682 ft. Distance – 2.5 hours round trip (depending on how many stops you make) Dogs allowed

If your idea of winter fun doesn’t include steep inclines and strenuous activity, but you still enjoy the outdoors, Hardy Falls is a brief but very picturesque stroll that takes you to the fall’s interpretation and viewing platform. Should you be visiting the area in the fall, the park is an excellent viewing point of spawning Red Kokanee salmon. There are several bridges that serve as viewpoints along the way. While this hike is beautiful in the summer and fall months, it’s especially spectacular in the winter. The waterfall’s exterior freezes, however the water still rushes underneath. It’s an incredible sight and not to be missed during the winter months.

Distance – 30 mins round trip (depending on how many stops you make) Dogs allowed Parking and public washrooms available

Wine and Dine

After a long day of winter hiking, cozy up in one of Peachland’s mouth watering and flavourful restaurants. The town has some of the best dining in the Okanagan and during the winter is no exception. The Gasthaus on the Lake Pub and Restaurant is located right in Peachland’s downtown core. Housed in a log cabin, the interior atmosphere boasts Bavarian vibes. It’s famous for its noteworthy medieval feasts in the winter months. It’s an unforgettable experience and a feast fit for a king!

Destination Peachland

In order to get the full experience of Peachland in the winter, stop into the Peachland Visitor Centre and Legends of the Lake Interpretive Centre. The visitor centre is located in the Historic Primary School, which opened its doors in 1908. Its attic is home to one of the largest Yuma bat colonies in British Columbia and the centre boasts an impressive bat educational display including a live feed of the attic. For more info click here The visitor centre also hosts bi-weekly Indoor Artisan Markets that highlight local artisans and wineries (that offer wine tastings too!)

Regardless of what your favourite winter activity is, Peachland has it all! They say that visitors “come for a good time, stay for a lifetime”… Come see for yourself and enjoy winter in Peachland!