My favourite NZ instagrammers

It shouldn't be a surprise to most that I have a serious love for New Zealand. I spent 12 of the happiest months of my life calling the country home & was gutted to leave in the Summer of 2015. And while I can't be in NZ right now, I've put together a little list of my favourite NZ Instagrammers that keep my feed alive with my home away from home, so check it out!



This bloke has got the right idea when it comes to sharing his home country with the Instagram world (and shapchat for that matter). NZ National Geographic Photographer of the year in 2016, you'll be able to see pretty quickly why that is by the shots he takes. But his ability to capture everything I love about NZ in one photo is what has me loving his feed. he's even gone & started up a secondary account - MOAShooters (stands for More of Aotearoa) to showcase more of NZ through people he encounters online or through meetups the group has


Brando Yelavich is exactly as his handle leads you to believe, an adventurer. He's just gone and spent over a month circumnavigating the insanely rugged & beautiful Stewart Island replying on the land and the wild to sustain him along the way. You can read about it all here .He definitely helps to show off the insanely wild beauty that New Zealand has to offer and explores even the most remote places that would give anyone serious NZ wanderlust!

Carmen Huter

Austrian born Carmen Huter caught my eye when her feed was showing off my old stomping grounds of Alberta & was headed over to Vancouver on a Canadian roadtrip this past fall & I was immediately drawn into her ability to capture every colour possible in her photos. Her love of New Zealand is easily seen in all her photos as is her love of travel in general. Her feed currently has her exploring Australia and it's making me miss that country a little bit more every time she posts. Follow along on her adventures through her blog here.

Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson is the lady behind the lens over on this account and one of the first instagrammers I followed that got me interested in New Zealand. She's originally from the USA now living in Wanaka (aka the cutest little town on the South Island) bringing you straight into the beauty of NZ with every shot she takes! Oh and she blogs too, which is awesome (she tells it like it is & I love that) and always a good read, so check it out here.

Bare Kiwi

Kyle's Instagram bio may say he's a small town NZ boy but he's exploring in a big way! Showing off the insanely beautiful landscape of his home country & even collaborating with Carmen Hunter in a few posts (some of my favourites) he gives you a chance to see just how incredible the country is. An official GoPro content creator he's all about getting that shot right in the moment & does an awesome job of sharing his footage on his vlog about his adventures & worldly travels.


Sam Kennedy,a guy with a great eye & a serious love for New Zealand (because how could you not?!) Boasting incredible shots of both islands & producing not only photos by video footage on a youtube channel this account definitely gives me that little pick me up when I find myself missing the Land of the long white cloud & gives me all the more reason to make a trip back there asap. To find out more & see all the content he produces check out the website

If you guys have any more feeds I should be following to get my New Zealand fill I'd love to hear about them! So feel free to drop the handles in the comments below! *All links to their accounts are attached to their handles & photos