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What to get that wanderluster on your list

Well I'm sitting here having just sent off my Christmas wishlist to my family so I figured why not share some of it with you to help you get that travel lover in your life something they'll be able to use on every trip they have coming up!

1. Travel books Be it guide books for an upcoming trip (or one yet to be planned) or the re-counting of an expedition through to Everest, travel books can be a great gift! Two of my favourites are the Lonely Planet guide to The World (because well why not?) & Their Better Than Fiction series. Travel writers from LP published a collection of their top stories from their travels.

2. Drybags This is actually something I put on my Christmas list for this year so I can't speak to quality, but for the amount of time I spend near the water (swimming, kayaking, wading through it while hiking) I wonder why I haven't bought one before. This one in the link above (click Drybags) is from MEC, but if you aren't in Canada, REI or you're nearest sporting goods store should carry a good selection

3. Hiking Socks

Do you hike? Do you plan to take it up in the New Year? Well no better time to start getting some gear ready, and socks are almost as important as hiking shoes/boots. Happy Feet = A happy hiker, so take a look through your favourite outdoor store (REI, North Face, MEC ect) to find some that will suit your hiking feet needs!

4. Packing Cubes

Backpacker on your list? Someone who struggles when it comes to packing? These guys are great! On my first ever backpacking trip to Central America I got myself a set (this exact one actually from Eagle Creek) & it was the best investment ever. There are a bunch of different styles and sizes depending on the needs of the traveler, but the original ones are a great staple. A trio of cubes, 1 for larger items (pants, shorts, skirts) 1 for average items (shirts, sweaters) & 1 for smaller items (underwear, socks, bathing suits ect). Ultimately they can be used to organize anything in your pack, but definitely a godsend for me on my travels.

5. Gorilla Tripod

Oh My Goodness! This has got to be one of my favourite camera accessories in my kit. I have the original one, which is good for point & shoot cameras (I use it with my Canon PowerShot ELPH 140) & use it regularly. I personally don't love selfie sticks, and sometimes there isn't anyone around to take your picture, but this gives you the chance to get that perfect shot in that incredible place instead of just your forehead maybe? Swivel it into place on your camera, set the self-timer, jump into position & happy snapping!

6. Camera Bag Another item that's on my list this year a quality bag for my DSLR camera. At the moment she sits usually wrapped in a sweater or jacket inside my backpack on trip & it's about time I respected her a little more (yes my camera is a she). LowePro came well recommended to me from some photographers I know & it seems to have the best range of bags for whatever gear you might be carrying around. The Adventura series is where this one is from and has room for a camera without extra lenses (works for me as I only have the 1 lens currently) but still additional space for lens camps & batteries.

7. Quick Dry Travel Towel

Perfect addition to any backpacker in your life or someone always on the go. Another staple I bought before my first backpacking trip and something I still take on all my adventures. These towels, if you find the right one, can be a god send. Traveling with a wet towel in your pack is awful. It makes everything wet & seem to smell (not good!). But these guys are great, use them in the morning and sometimes within a few hours they are dry & ready to go. And even better? Great for the beach, the sand doesn't stick! (this one above is from MEC)

8. MEC membership For all my Canadian adventurers out there, MEC IS AMAZING. The service, the products, the community. It's all wicked! So why not extend those opportunities to someone in your life who may not be a member like you and I? Lifetime memberships are just $5 & you'll need one should you want to shop there. It's really just the gift that keeps on giving in the long run!

9. Travel Theme Jewlery To my gentleman readers, have you got a special kick ass wanderwoman in your life? In her days off the mountain or out of the kayak does she like a little bling? Well never fear, travel themed jewelry is a great gift that will always remind her of her travels even when she might be in a meeting (yawn) or a night out with you. The photo below is actually of a piece I had custom made for a friend for her birthday who shares my love of adventure . From Etsy, the FierceDeer shop the ladies Kate & Lana will create something awesome. And Etsy is great if you should have some other ideas in mind too.

10. GoPro Camera (seen below Hero 3 Silver)

This might possibly be a splurge on your list, something you've been wanting for years but couldn't bring yourself to buy it, & you may have been extra good this year in hopes Santa will leave it for ya! Well I couldn't wish for that more for you. I've got one of these bad ass cameras & I love it. I managed to bite the bullet and buy one of thee before my trip to Hawaii last February and it was money well spent. Be sure to shop around, you may just find a sweet bundle deal!

Hopefully some of these things end up making your loved ones as happy as I have been with all these products :) And from me to you, Happy Wandering this holiday season! *To be noted, I am not sponsored by any of these brands or companies, so all opinions and remarks are my own*


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