Surprises are good for your health

Okay okay, I'm sure a few of you have a questionable look on your face reading that header. Like "Laura ; surprises?! I don't much care for those" and don't get me wrong, I don't overly love being surprised myself, but when I'm the one doing the surprising it's fun. And that is exactly what I managed to do this past week when I boarded a flight back to Montreal to surprise my friends & family.

If you don't already know, flying within Canada is absolutely HORRENDOUS price wise. How is it possible I can fly return for 9 days in Hawaii for under 500$ but for 6 days return to Montreal from Vancouver it's basically double that?! Yep I said DOUBLE - it's mental, and a huge reason I go home so little during the year. Add to the fact that I never thought of Montreal as my forever home and you'll see me back there about once a year, usually between trips causing massive chaos in my parents storage closet aka where my stuff resides while I'm away. But this time, right after getting back from Hawaii I found a bit of a seat sale (under $900 return was a deal just for reference) and decided to book it. That was in forward to June & there I was working out a surprise plan with my brother's girlfriend Amanda to get my parents & bro pretty good! And so we did, surprised everyone in the middle of a restaurant - there were tears (mom), bear hugs ("little" brother, hes a good 6 ft 5') and lots of love from my dad & everyone else. All in all it was a good reunion for everyone, especially my soul.

My soul? Might sound a little strange, but if you've kept up with me comings & goings lately you'll know that it's been almost a year since I moved to Vancouver and in that time I haven't felt at home in Vancouver. You've read previously about how I feel not being on the road and being stationary these last 12 months, and how little I feel towards Vancouver (besides it being easy for me to leave). It's something I'm dealing with and trying to make a plan to change things up in the coming months, but going back to Montreal meant going back to people who care about me and want whats best for me. And although I care very little for the place itself, its the people who make a world of difference to me. For the first time in almost 6 months I had people around me who made an effort, who were truly interested in what was going on with me. People who may not be family by blood but are family none the less. So it was exactly what I needed after the not so great time I've been having here. The weather wasn't great, and led to canceled hiking plans but even then sitting with my best friend & his family chatting and watching movies was more than enough of what I needed. Spending a touristy day when the sun finally came out riding around with my Mom was more than I could have asked for. All in all it was the best thing I could have asked for for my sanity.

And now that I'm back in Vancouver? Well nothing has changed, if nothing else I will be working harder to figure out a plan for a few months down the line to get myself back to a place where I love my life again (constantly) a place that I've been searching for ever since I had to leave New Zealand last July. For now though I'm beyond grateful that I have a job I love, friends & family all over the place who love & support me and last but not least - this. My internet support system, my Twitter, Facebook & Instagram followers who know how it feels to be pulled in multiple directions when they stop traveling. All of you guys have helped me in one way or another & I appreciate it more than you know. So for now I'll try to focus on making plans for the future and where I see myself next.