Aloha Bound

How many of you have been on a tropical vacation with your friends? Maybe even a solo relaxing beach getaway for a week? I'll take it that most people these days have frequented a sunny spot in the world when the winter blues get too much to handle. I on the other hand haven’t ever been on a sunny vacation before. Sure, I went to Australia – but I lived there. Same with New Zealand and Central America, but I really haven’t ever been on a proper vacation for longer than a weekend, and definitely nowhere as tropical or dreamy as Hawaii.

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed about going to Hawaii, and after my move to Vancouver the idea was sparked by a great friend of mine and from there the idea grew into a plan, that grew into an adventure and a reunion rolled into one. Two of my all-time favourite things will be happening on Saturday; 1) reunions with the best guy I know and 2) starting an adventure! We have both said it countless times (especially in the last few weeks alone) that we can’t believe how quickly the whole thing has come about. It was something we started talking about back around Thanksgiving and from there we planned and organized, and reorganized (a few times) and finally booked flights just after Christmas and now here we are, both ridiculously excited on opposite coasts counting down the hours until we’re Hawaii bound!

From tomorrow afternoon for the next 9 days we'll be touring two of Hawaii's most beautiful (okay who am I kidding all of them are going to be gorgeous) islands; Kauai and Oahu. The first part of our adventurewill be spent taking in the amazing scenery on Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. Known as the 'Garden Isle' for it's lush forests & it's incredible Na Pali coast, Kauai is somewhere we hadn't originally intended on visiting, but after a few google searches & youtube clips we realized we would be stupid to miss out on it. The second half of our trip will be spent on Oahu, just south of Kauai and home to something on my Wanderlist ; The North Shore. I wrote about it in a previous blog post, that I saw a Kate Bosworth surf Pipe in the movie Blue Crush & immediately I knew I wanted to see it for myself (maybe not surf it though) and we'll be doing just that! We got really lucky with a vacation rental website that I've quickly fallen in love with On the site you can click through hundreds of vacation rentals across the world, and it where we found a beach front studio that looks out onto the infamous pipeline and sunset beach, so suffice to say I'm stoked about that alone. Add in the amount of waterfalls & beaches that lay across Oahu, it's safe to say the two of us are feeling like giddy kids at Christmas with the knowledge that in 24 hours we'll be nearly on our way to experiencing a Bucket List vacation for the both of us.

So as of Saturday afternoon consider me off the grid getting lost in all Hawaii has to offer and be sure to check back at the end of the month for an indepth view of my Wanders Through Hawaii!

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